Your monthly tuition payment (made payable to Studio 237) must be received, in full, no later than the 10th day of each month. The Studio only guarantees 4 lessons per month. In months that happen to have 5 weeks, the fifth week lesson in a month is not part of tuition. 

Student may pay extra for that lesson or skip the week. 

  • Registration FEE: There is a  yearly registration fee of $50 
  • Piano Maintenance Fee: For those studying piano or voice, there is a twice a year (August and February) piano maintenance fee of $10 for the tuning and repair of the piano. 
  • A detailed invoice will  be emailed to you on the first day of every month. 

PAYMENT can be made in person or mailed to the above address. We accept checks, cash, credit card, and paypal (either here on the payment tab or send via your paypal account to email address studio237dawson@gmail.com.  

LATE FEE: A late fee of $25 will be charged for payments received after the 10th day of the month. 

 ALL TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable into the next month’s tuition. 


Students or guardians of the students who do not own or rent an instrument (except for voice and drums) on which to practice/play at and beyond their first lesson should consider their lesson as monitored practice with less instruction. I-Pads, toys, flat table top roll up keyboards, paper charts, do not qualify as an instrument. Payment at our normal rates is still due. 

Makeup/Rescheduled Lesson:  

The Studio provides two makeup/rescheduled lessons (for any reason) at no cost between August and December / January and May.  These “two lessons” do not rollover/accumulate into the next semester nor may they be deducted from monthly tuition. Please call the Studio as soon as you know you will not be attending your lesson at 850-231-3199. Leave a message. 


If your schedule is so tight that there is no ability (at any time/day during the semester) to reschedule then you have given up your option to receive the 2 make up lessons per semester. No refunds will be given, even if the teacher cancels due to sickness. (see “Teacher’s Sick Day” policy description)

TEACHER’S SICK DAY: Each semester, a teacher is allowed one sick day with no make-ups required. (It is at the teacher’s discretion, to make up a sick day). Semesters run as follows: Fall/Winter (August—December), Spring (Jan—May). 

IF THE TEACHER CANCELS YOUR LESSON: The studio will re-schedule a make-up within 14 days of the cancelled lesson at an agreed upon time. Excluding a teacher sick day as stated above.

EXTENDED PLANNED ABSENCE: All absences, greater than one week, should be submitted in writing no later than 48 hours prior to your lesson day. Place written notes in mailbox in waiting room or mail to 237 Dawson Rd, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. No emails, No texting,


HOLIDAYS:  All Holiday cancellations are non-refundable. Public school system days off (including spring break) are not observed by the studio and are not refundable. 

Books: Students usually need several new books per year. The cost of books is from $10 to $25. Books should be reimbursed no later than the next lesson or next monthly billing cycle. 


To those students who own or rent their instruments, the amount of study time required will vary depending on the student’s age and playing level. To achieve progress, a student should plan to study their instrument four days a week for no less than 20 minutes daily (ages 4 to 6) and 30+ minutes (ages 7 and up). 


Parents play an important role in their child’s progress, especially during the first year of learning. When you dedicate time and effort to help your child be consistent in their study, they will progress at an average to above average rate. For young children, sitting in during your child’s lesson can be helpful from time to time so that you know what is required by the teacher and the music/exercises that your child needs to study. 


1. The studio provides a book bag. Store your books/materials in the bag

2. The morning of your lesson, have your child place all the books in the bag and place it by the exit of your home for easy access.

3. Missing books must be replaced. Notify your teacher so the studio may order new books. 


A NO SHOW STUDENT is a student who

· does not pay their tuition and

· does not show up for their lesson for two or more weeks in a row (cancellations or not attending without notice qualifies as a no show). THEN: That lesson time becomes available to new or existing students.   

 SCHOOL PROPERTY RULES: (Adults and Children) 

While on the property... 

No smoking on the property 

No drinking of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the property 

No use of profanity on the property in talk, MP3’s, Cd’s, song lyrical content, or while singing: 

Profane words include any words that refer to sexual content, defecation, hell, damnation, body parts, dogs, and the like. This is just simple common courtesy to other human beings. If you desire to speak profane words in the studio or on the property, then our studio is not the place for you.

No destruction of private property 

No running, no climbing 

Shoes, clean shirt and bottom clothing must be worn

No dogs or other pets on the property 

Do not wear a bathing suit to a lesson

No drunk or “under the influence” people on property 

No fighting physically or verbally

No yelling or arguing inside or outside of the premises 

Failure to observe property rules may result in discontinuation of lessons 


Clean trimmed finger nails, hair tied back from your face so that your eyes are visible to others for the entire lesson, clean hands and face. 

TERMINATION OF LESSONS: Give the studio and teacher one week prior notice. 

Include in your communication (letter or phone call), the exact day you plan to stop lessons.

A teacher may dismiss a student for the following situations:

· The student demonstrates a lack of desire/motivation to learn to play their instrument.

· The student or parent misbehaves, threatens to quit or disrespects the teacher during lessons.

· The student or parent shows a lack of commitment characterized by chronic absences or lateness.

· The student or parent speaks profanity or curses during the lesson or verbally threatens the teacher

· The student tantrums or the parent does not support the teacher.

The parent or student desires to sing or play music that contains cursing/profane words or subject matter.

A STUDENT WILL BE DISMISSED FROM LESSONS IMMEDIATELY IF:  The student bites, hits, attacks, threatens bodily harm or kicks a teacher, piano, or another student

· Damages or threatens to damage private property belonging to anyone while on studio property


Each year we schedule two recitals (one in December and one in May). 

· There is a Recital Fee of $30 per student (2 or more is $25 each)

· Many students practice and work on their recital pieces which are a motivational force for your child and an opportunity for them to shine for you. 

· Students are encouraged to participate if their teacher/parent believe they are ready. 

· All recital pieces must be approved by the teacher and parent prior to being placed in the program. 


OPTIONAL: FFMC FESTIVAL: Florida Federation of Music Clubs (FFMC)

This is an optional choice for students: Studio 237 is a member of the FFMC under the Choctaw Bay Music Club of Niceville FL. A Junior Music Student Festival sponsored by FFMC is held every February in Niceville FL. Students perform two compositions before two judges, receive graded evaluations, certificates, and points towards trophies. Students begin to prepare 2 pieces about 5 months prior to this event on instruments such as piano, guitar, voice, drums, and string instruments. Festival application fees ($25 for one event) are due by November 1st and are nonrefundable. Students of all levels may enter. Ask Lisa Cyr about participating (Festival will be held on Feb 8, 2020). Those parents desiring their student to perform in Piano Guild auditions will be prepared to do so for May 2020.

This policy is valid until July 1, 2020

Any questions or concerns will be answered as soon as possible. 


Lisa and Ray Cyr, 

Studio 237 Music Lessons