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Johanna Sholar: cello, violin, viola and piano

  “Three of the things I love most about teaching is: I love helping a student connect with a piece of music by guiding them towards a feeling of accomplishment as they are able to play the entire piece”.  I love hearing my students say, “I performed this piece for (whomever) and they were really impressed”.  I love knowing that their proud feelings of accomplishment will inspire them to continue learning and pushing themselves further in their musical studies.” Quote from Johnna Sholar

We are excited to have Johanna Sholar begin teaching lessons at our Studio 237! In 2014, Johanna earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music as well as a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Iowa State University. She has three years experience teaching violin, viola, cello, and piano in the Chicago area.

“My personal goal has always been to individualize each lesson for each student.”

“I think the most important conce for a student to learn about or experience is the support of their music community. This includes support from the parent, teacher,  and other students.”

Johanna’s musical journey began in LaGrange Park, Illinois, at the early age of three, where she started taking Suzuki piano lessons at the Community School of Arts at Wheaton College. In 4th grade, she studied viola through her school music program and participated in numerous solo and ensemble festivals as well as the Illinois Music Education Association's State Honors Orchestra. 

“I love being on stage and allowing connections to be formed through music.  These connections could be musician to musician when one is hearing the other perform or even just evoking a reaction or connection within an audience member of a memory or thought.”

Her gifting and passion for piano and string instruments developed as more opportunities for study, performance, and competitions arose. In 6th grade, she was asked to accompany the Vivaldi Strings touring group which over the years led to concerts around the Chicagoland area, St. Louis, Montreal, New York, Paris, Suzuki Association of the Americas in Minneapolis, Steven’s Point music camps, master classes at Juilliard, and Puerto Rico. During college, Johanna was the pianist and first chair viola with the Iowa State Symphony Orchestra. 

“After I teach a lesson, the biggest thought that goes through my mind would be, “How can I inspire a student to want to be better”.

Johanna earned the Paderewski Award from the National Piano Teacher’s Guild for ten years of consecutive private piano lessons, auditions, and performance.  

She is looking forward to teaching students of all ages 3 and up at Studio 237 Music School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Call and schedule with Johanna today by calling 850-231-3199.